Workshop vibes at Fiáin
August 23, 2021

Workshop vibes at Fiáin

Workshop vibes. You can't see it in this shot, but we have an aviation-styled light overhead and it's pretty cool! This is our longest bench in the workshop, coming in at 16ft. It's muti-purpose, but since we introduced the candle range we can't seem to clear the decks & use it for anything else! We pour our candles in small craft batches, and with 6 fragrance options across 2 x sizes, there's always plenty to do.

We put in a terrazzo styled worktop so it can be wiped clean, although lately we've been covering it over with a long length of kraft wrapping paper between batches which we've found great. I wanted something cool as a backdrop for the wall, and having been in the flooring trade for 29 years previous I knew just the thing! I used a product called Marmoleum, it's completely natural & this particular version has these amazing stripes running through it, photographs really well. 

I also ran all the electrical conduit myself, threading all the bars & fittings, makes a class job though & so much cooler to look at then the the typical surface mounted plastic plugs etc. 

My next job is to finish of all the doors underneath the counter, they're pretty cool too, made from angle iron & osb painted black with a 1" wire mesh covering. I've completed 2 so far, another 6 to go but I have no time to finish them off! It's a job for early 2022 when it's quiet and I'm looking for something to do!