What is musk anyway??
August 21, 2021

What is musk anyway??

You may be perusing the exquisite label attached to the No.2 Bergamot + Musk candle & asking your fine self... What is musk anyway?? Good question Sherlock!

Musk is a class of aromatic substances commonly used as base notes in perfumery, originally given to a substance with a strong odor obtained from a gland of the musk deer (read on⚠️).

The substance has been used as a popular perfume fixative since ancient times and is one of the most expensive animal products in the world. The name originates from the Late Greek μόσχος 'moskhos', from Persian 'mushk',

It is applied to various plants and animals of similar smell (e.g. muskox) and has come to encompass a wide variety of aromatic substances with similar odors.

Natural musk was used extensively in perfumery until the late 19th century when economic and ethical motives led to the adoption of synthetic musk (thankfully the musk notes in our fragrance oils are derived from the latter😆).

The organic compound primarily responsible for the characteristic odor of musk is muscone.

There you have it, learn something new every day.