Up your wallet game with the Retro No.6 wallet
July 16, 2021

Up your wallet game with the Retro No.6 wallet

Up your wallet game. ⁣

This is the Retro wallet No.6 in colour whiskey. Unlike mass produced wallets that quickly fall apart, this will stay the course & actually get better with age. Designed here in Galway & hand stitched. ⁣

Don’t mollycoddle it, let it pick up character, and over time it will develop that ‘oh so gorgeous patina’ (just don’t run it through the wash hear😆). Every now and again give it some TLC with saddle soap, or even natural beard balm works wonders! ⁣

All our wallets are a little tight at first. Don’t fret. REAL wallets have to be ‘broken in’… just like a set of cowboy boots. We suggest adding your cards over the course of a few weeks & let them settle in. If you’re a front pocket wearer, this will speed up the process as the warmth will mold to your shape.⁣

We’ll have a couple of walk-through videos ready soon on this collection so you get all googely eyes over it😍 ⁣