An absolutely fab minimalist wallet
August 16, 2021

An absolutely fab minimalist wallet

Get a load of the Urban wallet No.4 from FIÁIN❤️ No, it doesn’t come pre-loaded with €10 in the front pocket.. how rude!😆.

Hey how’s things, this is Dara from FIÁIN 👋🏻. We’re a small grooming + lifestyle brand from Galway.

✅ The Urban No.4 is an absolutely fab minimalist wallet, made from full-grain Italian leather which has been tanned using plant-based materials, then finished in our popular ‘w hiskey’ coloured stain. It has a front pocket, internal compartment & a push slot on the back for your most used card.

✅ I cut all our patterns here by laser machine, hand-stain the edges & buff in our own unique leather balm recipe.

✅ I then take my time, carefully hand-stitching each pattern together with strong Danish thread. I use a traditional saddle-stitch which is much stronger than a machine stitch.

✅ This slim card wallet is like no other on the market… & I’m proud to say it’s 100% designed and made right here by us in Galway, rather then mass produced by some big international company.

✅ This wallet will wear in & look better with age. Its designed to be a little tight at first, so break in your cards gradually one at a time over the course of several weeks, to a maximum of 4 cards in the main slot. We find it helps to keep it in your front jeans pocket initially, the warmth will help & allow it to mold to your shape😉.

Go on… take it on life’s adventures, just don’t run it through the wash hear👊🏻.