How does a wax melter work?
August 11, 2021

How does a wax melter work?

We've just launched our new wax melt range & it's gone down amazingly well. So many people use wax melts as an option to fragrance their home. They're basically a candle without the wick or vessel. The wax used is a little different to candle wax, it's specifically designed for melts & allows a little higher concentration of fragrance oil.

How does a wax melter work? Well, the basic idea is that you pop one of our wax cubes into the bowl on top of your melter. Melters can either be powered by electric, or the more simple types can be heated with non-scented tea lights. Either way the principal is the same, the heat source melts the wax in the bowl fairly quickly & releases the fragrance.

You should get 10+ hrs of fragrance release per cube. When you think the fragrance is spent, turn off your melter, let the wax go cold & then pry the wax out. You'll find the wax is brittle so will crack out in a few pieces. Wipe the bowl and then pop in a new wax cube. We love the electric melters because you don't have to be always replacing the tea lights (so there's no naked flame).

Our wax cubes are poured by hand & made from 100% plant-based wax. No paraffin based wax to be seen anywhere! It's actually european rapeseed oil wax (you've seen it, those fields packed with bright yellow flowers) & coconut oil wax. This combo allows it to be vegan friendly, additive-free and non GMO. You'll love the scent throw too.