by Dara Leather December 21, 2019

We have just 5 of these left for the year! We use a superb 26mm tuxedo knot in our polished concrete shaving brushes. ⁣This is a very popular knot amongst shaving enthusiasts, has just the right amount of handle & produces great lather. ⁣

Unlike cheap shaving brushes that are poorly made, this is pure luxury & a joy to shave with. ⁣

In case your wondering, this is a synthetic knot (no animal hair used). The traditional knots of quality were always boar hair, you just couldn’t beat them, until now. This knot is so similar and of such good quality that it’s hard to tell the difference. ⁣

Not only that, but we make the handles ourselves in our Galway workshop from concrete which also incorporates post production Connemara marble dust which would otherwise go to landfill. ⁣

Dara Leather
Dara Leather


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