Up close shot of the beautiful texture on the Fiáin kraft business card.
December 23, 2019


Yup, this is what happens when you leave a FIÁIN business card in your shirt pocket & it goes through the wash!⁣⁣ I couldn’t help but take a shot of it though a 50mm lens. ⁣The card was dry as a bone when I got the shirt back... but what amazing texture it picked up. This would only happen with natural kraft stock. ⁣⁣
It got us thinking though. Lately we’ve really started taking note of and appreciating texture & colour in nature. ⁣

Many photographers take scenic or city shots, and that’s great but sometimes we forget there’s an amazing world of colour/shape/texture to discover up close. ⁣

For a change divert your eyes from the horizon, get down on your knees (if you’re still able) and take a closer look at the macro world around us. It will amaze you, it’s a side of life we give little attention too. Have your camera ready. ⁣

For example, during the summer we visited the Burren and found amongst the ancient limestone cracks moss so green & tiny it looked fake. Limestone boulders at Spiddal beach that had the most amazing jet black & fluorescent yellow lichens growing on them. An old shed roof next to our workshop has rusted iron sheets that have turned an impossibly vivid orange colour, with texture like velvet. ⁣
Too many more examples to mention, perhaps a longer blog post is needed? There’s evidence of incredible design all around us if only we take the time to notice. I’m going to learn to take more photographs of this side of life, saving up for a good macro lens!⁣

I got all that from a business card that went through the wash🤓