100% natural shaving soap
December 16, 2019


This is real shaving soap I tell ya and one we’re proud to have in our grooming range. Made in the foothills of the Burren, Co.Clare especially for us.
Now lean in here and let me tell you something... come over here.. ‘it’s really really good stuff’. Want to know why we love this shaving soap so much?
  1. It smells fantastically natural. That’s because it is.
  2. It has cocoa butter & organic avocado oil in it for moisturising.
  3. It has Bentonite clay in it, which in pure scientific terms, means that the razor glides easier! Ever hear the origins of bentonite clay? It’s really interesting.. maybe another time.
  4. This puck lasts ages so it’s great value for money.
  5. And last but by no means least: we’ve packaged it in our own unique way. This is an area where we definitely could have skipped corners.. but we didn’t. Eco friendly paper printed with soy ink, kraft sleeve closed with a compostable sticker.
We’ve sized this 100% natural shaving soap puck to fit into our shaving bowl and act as a refill. But having said that, we regularly sell to customers who like to just lather the soap in hand, and that includes women who love it for shaving the ole legs.
The fresh natural smell is gorgeous, and that’s thanks to the essential oils of Patchouli, sweet orange & lavender. It’s not a thick creamy lather, more like a fresh bubbly lather & it's loved by many who have switched. We’re starting to get repeat customers now who will only use this shaving soap.
So there you have it, now you know why we adore this shaving soap!