Anatomy of a Perfect Wooden Bow Tie

by Dara Leather March 01, 2018

In our ever so humble opinion, the perfect wooden bow tie consists of several key features.

Don't cut corners when it comes to your sartorial accessories. As the old adage goes 'you get what you pay for', so let us put together the perfect wooden bow tie for you. You'll thank us when friends (even strangers) compliment you again & again. 

Follow these 6 crucial steps to produce the perfect wooden bow tie.

  1. The wood used should be from sustainably harvested woods: All the wood we use is from an estate in Co.Carlow, Ireland. Most of the trees are from storm damage.
  2. The wood used should be fully traceable: Every batch of oak we use is fully traceable, down to the branch used! That's why we engrave a 'tree reference' number on the back of each bow tie. 
  3. Each bow tie should have a serial number: You're unique, your wooden bow tie is unique, so is the serial number we put on it.
  4. A wooden bow tie should not be sprayed with some dreadful lacquer: Of course it should have some protection, but above all it should be natural looking. We've tested countless finishes on our oak before settling on a lovely finishing oil. We coat each bow tie 3 times & then patiently wait 5 days before buffing to naturally matt sheen.
  5. The fabric used is just as important as the wood: You simply can't beat a beautifully woven tweed fabric. Some of the finest tweeds in the world are woven right here on the west coast of Ireland, Donegal to be precise. We stock 4 colours of 'salt & pepper' tweed, along with a number of limited edition patterns/colours throughout the year, & once they're gone they're gone!
  6. The perfect wooden bow tie should look good: We think that's pretty darn important don't you think, because we've seen plenty of gimmicky looking alternatives on the market. You want to look sophisticated and dapper, and that's exactly what you'll get with our collection of wooden bow ties. After 14 prototypes on the 'harrison' shape alone, we think we've nailed our designs. We're very happy with them & we think you will be too.

Dara Leather
Dara Leather


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