irish fern
May 29, 2020


It's wild out there, or as we say in Irish... tá sé fiáin amuigh ansin. Perhaps we didn't take as much note before due to hectic lives, but nature in our part of the world at least has appeared just a little more vibrant since the covid-19 pandemic hit us. Is it that we've had more time to appreciate creation around us, or is it the brief respite nature has been given from man made pollution?

In Ireland, we've been allowed a 5km radius in which to exercise🏋️ and that still gives us some nice options. Others i'm sure are not so fortunate & at times like this we count our blessings that we live in such a nice part of the world. One of the routines both Caitriona and myself have enjoyed lately, is giving the digital world a break, going for a walk & clearing the heads🤯!

I don't always bring the camera with me, but when we go for a walk we tend to leave the phones at home, so it's nice to bring it sometimes. Here's a shot of Caitríona's shockingly Irish white hands😂, against a vivid green fern🌿.

It's got me thinking, we need to bring the camera with us more often 📸... it can't be all work you know!