Soap dish/holder/saver/raise
May 12, 2021

Soap dish/holder/saver/raise

Galway is full of colourful murals & paintings. It’s quite an instagramable city, if you’re into that kinda thing. We love how creative Galway is. ⁣

The more we photograph, the more we notice. There is so much in our own backyard waiting to be found, it’s been inspiring. ⁣

Since the beginning, we’ve loved taking ordinary objects & turning them on their head. That brings us to this little guy.. a soap dish/holder/saver/raise... whatever you call it, it basically prolongs the life of your soap by raising it to drain.⁣

How do you give something so utilitarian & boring a new lease of life? Well, it’s just one of the items in a new collection we’ve been working on over the last few months. ⁣

Made from Jesmonite, a non-toxic composite material. The colour options are limitless much like Galway’s colour palette, so we’ve really enjoyed coming up with some unique combinations. Pink/white/black/yellow/blue/green... and any combination in between, it’s quite a fascinating material. ⁣

We’re still in the process of making forms, molds & testing sealers. But it’s taking shape & we wanted to give you a little teaser. We’ve paired back the packaging to the bare minimum whilst still being protective & eco friendly, and of course our signature modern-retro look has been included on the labelling. ⁣

We’re hoping we can scale this enough to let some shops retail it, but we’ll keep yall posted.⁣