June 18, 2020


Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company working out of Ontario (hello to all my family living in Canada😉). 

They’re also the brains 🧠 behind the website platform we use. So every time we have a query or technical problem on the site we do a live chat with their support team (like the time when we got a fraudulent order from Algeria) who are always so patient with us! ⁣They've been so good to work with since we started this whole adventure back in 2017. I have to say the platform has been a dream to use and it gets better all the time.

We had the pleasure of being interviewed recently during Shopify's European support summit.. what a blast💥, we really enjoyed it. It's usually a physical event, but obviously due to the whole covid-19 situation was hosted virtually.⁣

The wallet in the picture was part of a corporate order we made up recently for Shopify. A lot of people will know that familiar shopping bag logo, so it was cool to laser⚡️ engrave it on to our card wallets for them.⁣

We’ve been a bit low on stock lately, but thankfully we’ve just received a few new leather hides in, so we’ll crank 🗜 out a small batch soon😃!⁣ ⁣⁣