July 03, 2020


Before we began this journey I never fully understood the science🔬& art🧪behind good fragrance, especially in candles. ⁣Surely they're all the same quality? 

I naively assumed all candles were made the same, and so, couldn’t justify buying premium or boutique candles over much cheaper mass produced candles. Walk into any Irish supermarket or home decor centre & you'll see what I mean, candles selling for half the cost, sometimes even a third of the cost! They’re extremely cheap & often packaged nicely, which in turn makes true artisan products like ours look expensive. So what's the dealio! 

We wanted to create a home fragrance collection that is polar opposite to the mass produced supermarket offering, those candles are made to a price & it shows, you just need to dig a little deeper. Often the quality is surface deep & belies the blingy packaging, or sometimes even rustic packaging made to look hand made. What we noticed when we assessed the initial cold throw of many of these candles was that it was nearly an assault on the nose & senses! You take a step back & wonder what hit you in the face 😝. 

Our aim rather, is to achieve the look that only these emojis can describe:☺️🤩😍You get that when you use natural coconut + soy wax. Cheap candles are made from arguably toxic petroleum based waxes. Pungent, course aromas are a big NO NO to us. We want rich/luxurious fragrances, we want them to smell expensive, and with that in mind they absolutely need to have complex top+middle+bottom notes.⁣ As much as we'd like to go all-natural with our ingredients list, the fact is you simply can't achieve that with essential oils only. So we settled on a supplier that blends plant-based essential oils & perfum oil that is paraben & phthalate free. Parfum or fragrance oils are synthetic, but that's what helps you achieve those wonderfully complex notes, made just like an expensive aftershave/cologne/perfume. It's also interesting to note ('note'... see what we did there🤭) that there's also a boat load of synthetic oil suppliers out there, we tried loads of them... countless test batches & pours. Some we threw in the bin straight away.. disgusting, others were ok but one-dimensional & lacked the complexity we wanted. Suffice to say we eventually found fragrance oils that ticked all the boxes & that we've fallen in love with 🥰 (along with hundreds of other customers so far)

If you're looking for candles made from pure essential-oils only, there's LOADS of other makers out there doing that... it's just not our jam🍰 (there's no emoji for jam)⁣

Think we got the packaging design looking pretty darn handsome too🚀⁣ (others have copied us since, so I guess we got that right too😉)