Safety razors are not just for guys!!!
October 08, 2020

Safety razors are not just for guys!!!

Do women use safety razors 🦵🏻?

Got us thinking because when we think of safety razors & double edged blades we typically harken back to our grandads day when they were all the rage.

Times are a changin? More women than ever have switched to Safety razors. Why? They're built to last, they’re economical & make the shaving ritual we go through a pleasure as they give such a clean shave. ⁣

2 billion plastic cartridge razors are dumped annually, so it kind of makes sense to switch too. Our Fiáin branded razor has a solid brass handle, has a great grip & is nicely weighted.

We've designed a beautiful polished concrete razor keeper, it houses your Fiáin razor nice & safely & looks awesome too! 

We stock cheap replacement blades & proper shaving soap, so no excuses!