Tweed Glorious Tweed!
May 01, 2018

Tweed Glorious Tweed!

When it came to selecting the fabric that we would use on our wooden bow ties, it really was a no-brainer. It just had to be beautiful donegal tweed.

This tweed is woven from pure new wool. It's world renowned & for very good reason.

I always had a fascination with the traditional wooden weaving looms used to create these timeless fabrics. Really, these looms have not changed much in operation from Biblical times. If you ever get the opportunity to observe a hand weaver at work on one of these looms, take it! It's just fascinating to watch as they coordinate their hand & foot movements, passing the horizontal threads (weft) through the vertical threads (warp) by means of a shuttle. 

When using tweed of this quality you're not just buying fabric, you're buying into a part of Irish history, as the skill of weaving donegal tweed goes back generations.

In the 1980s, the textile industry in Ireland was in decline with mill closures all over the country, but what we're seeing now in Ireland is a complete revival of it's use, with many well known fashion designers incorporating donegal tweed into their collections.  

The tweeds we use in making the knot/necktie parts of our wooden bow ties are all produced by Magee in Donegal town. Although powerful factory looms have now replaced the old hand looms, you still get the feeling that the mill hasn't forgotten it's past, that they're still steeped in tradition & history. 

Patterns they produce include classic herringbones, timeless salt and peppers and more contemporary checks & twills. These unique designs and colours are inspired by the landscape surrounding County Donegal.

At Fiáin, we just fell in love with the traditional salt/pepper style tweed with it's splashes of colour. We now offer 4 stock colour tweeds, along with limited edition patterns/colours throughout the year. Paired with 100% Irish grown oak, our line of unique wooden bow ties are sure to make a statement.