Irish Grown Oak Tells a Story
January 01, 2018

Irish Grown Oak Tells a Story

Irish grown oak tells a story all of it's own, sometimes going back a century or so. Each tree has weathered not only decades of time & Irish history, but battled and thrived in it's often harsh weather.

The oak used in all our accessories has been sourced from the Lisnavagh estate in Co.Carlow. This estate carefully manages it's 250 acres of woodlands & to date most of the timber in this project has come from windblown trees.

A re-planting programme has also been undertaken on the estate to protect & ensure new growth. This is sustainably harvested timber at its finest folks. We insist on offering:

  • Total traceability of the timber to our customers 
  • Tree reference number engraved where possible
  • Signed mini-card certificate with all Irish oak accessories

Even after this timber comes into the workshop, it takes years before it finally get's transformed into a dashing Fiáin wooden bow tie, wallet or cufflink. It has to be air-dried for a year or more, before spending time in a kiln to further reduce moisture content. It's a patient process that can't be rushed.

The timber next gets milled & sanded to our specifications, before being packed up neatly & sent on it's dandy way up to us in Galway. Only then do we get our eager hands on this beautiful Irish grown hardwood & get to work on making accessories fit for a duke!