New Irish Made Wax Melts
April 30, 2021

New Irish Made Wax Melts

New arrivals coming soon. Wax cube melts / 6 x fragrances.

We can't deny how popular wax melts are.

But... we didn't want to just hop on the band wagon as they say, unless we had first taken our time to develop & test the range. And we've suceeded!

Why melts? Well, because melts have no direct contact with a flame, the hot throw can be quite powerful, perfect if you want a quick blast of your favourite Fiáin fragrance. Each cube will give 10+ hrs of fragrance release. And after a lot of trial & error we achieved what we were looking for & what we know you'll love:

✅ Plant-based wax (coconut + rapeseed)

✅ Paraben-free fragrance oils

✅ 6 x fragrances (matched across the candle + soaps)

✅ Plastic-free packaging (if we see another one of those plastic clamshells we'll yell uncontrollably!)

✅ Modern retro styling

They're not available for purchase just yet, but we're aiming for mid May 2021. We will of course be putting togeather a promotion for our awesome email subscribers & we'll let you know in due course 😀