December 18, 2019


We originally didn’t plan to have a mini version of each candle blend, so why do we now have 2 x different sizes of the same candle? ⁣

Let’s be totally honest here and get straight to the point👉🏻...⁣

But first, the following is a subliminal message that only fanatical FIÁIN followers will be able to decipher and read: “THESE CANDLES ARE AMAZING, THESE CANDLES ARE AMAZING, THESE CANDLES ARE AMAZING”. ⁣

And back to the post: Buying the larger 40hr burn time is more of an outlay & we’re the new kids on the block don’t you know... so... we want you to try out the mini 20hr tins first & get badly hooked on your favourite blend😍. Our prediction is that you’ll then broadcast your adoration of FIÁIN lifestyle goods to all near and far😜. ⁣

There you go. There’s way too many straight laced Instagram posts out there, and in a world full of craziness let’s have a bit of humour😁⁣ (By the way, we could really do with some help on gathering reviews for the candles on our website, think you could help us out?? Underneath each product description is a section where you can write a short review & give it 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) ⁣
📸⁣ @p3b_photos