July 30, 2020


MADE LOCAL supported by DCCOI⁣
Sure is! Are we crazy.. probably!🤪. Why do makers like us do what we do? Hmmm... at times if we’re honest we all wonder that cause it’s flippin hard work & nothing.. I mean nothing comes easy when you’re a small local enterprise, we probably speak for most inventors/makers out there when we say that. There’s no doubt about it, it’s a hard slog & truth be told there’s easier ways to make a living, & at time’s the comfort of a salaried job can be soooo appealing. We’ve received literally hundreds of fantastic reviews & that’s one of the things that keep us going⚡️. Some are absolutely hilarious, some are very touching & others are so appreciative >>> all of them offer a glimpse into the Happiness our little brand has given customers over the last 3 yrs & for that we’re so grateful.. we give you a 10+ on the ‘applausometer’ 😆 ⁣

While many high street chains close the doors because profitability has fallen below a certain percentage, many sme’s battle on... and for that they really need to be given a chear🙌🏻, a clap👏🏻 & a boost up🚀, especially locally & when you actually have the choice & circumstances to not ‘always’ shop in penny’s or on amazon😲. ⁣

Yes, it will cost you more in many cases to buy from artisan producers & there are loads of reasons why it has to be that way... but you get a whole lot more back, trust us on this one! ⁣

Buy local every now & again, not just from us, but from other small enterprises who have poured in not only their finances, but an untold amount of time, passion & ingenuity into their craft. Not only will you get way better customer service, but products that look better, feel better, last longer & sometimes.... even smell better😍😍⁣