Hand poured coconut & soy candles.
December 22, 2019


I can’t remember how many types of cotton wicks we tested during the experimentation phase but it was a lot! ⁣Caitríona was like a mad scientist in a white lab coat working on the perfect combo of wax, wick & fragrance! ⁣

A simple but necessary requirement when making candles is to keep the wick straight & centred. We could buy wick centreing tools (or borrow our ma’s clothes line pegs) but we would need a few hundred of them & at a few euro each it kinda put me off. ⁣

So it was my turn to become the mad scientist - plus I usually end up making the tools I need anyway (handy to be handy I suppose). I designed the file and then laser cut these little wooden thingymejigs that fit perfectly into the rim of the tin, so no matter how it’s placed it’s always in the centre. ⁣

So the wick is simply threaded through the hole & pulled taught under a flat headed screw.⁣

It’s worked really well so far, I even laser engraved them all with an ‘f’ for fiáin as well... I know, calm down Dara that’s a bit OTT. ⁣