Initials embossed into our hand stitched card wallet. Made from full grain veg-tanned Italian leather.
December 24, 2019

IT’S YOURS⁣ >> Part 2. ⁣

Our slim leather card wallets can also be personalised with initials in the top left hand corner. ⁣⁣Having your initials stamped into your FIÁIN card wallet makes it yours.. hands off! ⁣⁣
We’ve also re-done the packaging on these wallets too, just haven’t got around to taking any pics of it yet...soon I promise. ⁣⁣
We make these wallets completely in house & hand sew them with a strong braided poly cord thread. ⁣⁣
The veg tanned leather we use is full grain, which basically means that it’s the toughest, most durable & beautiful part of a cows hide, the uppermost layer that protects the animal against all manner of things in the wild, like wire fences, thorns & thistles etc. ⁣

⁣Before I knew anything about leather work, I used to think that ‘Genuine Leather’ was the best form of leather. NO SIRY BOB... it’s actually one of the worst!! Genuine leather is usually the lowest quality leather. Usually left over scraps that have been mashed up & glued together, stamped & painted to look like the real thing. It is weak, very poor quality and will quickly fall apart. ⁣
Suffice to say, we completely stay away from low grade ‘genuine leather’ and instead use the very best ‘full grain’ Italian leather. It will last a long long time, mold to your pocket and develop its own beautiful patina. ⁣

Our surname is actually ‘LEATHER’ .. For real!! I know, what a coincidence, we have customers who can’t believe that but it’s true. I guess generations ago we had tanners in our family tree. ⁣