How to Adjust a Fiáin Wooden Bowtie

by Caitriona Leather February 01, 2018

The gunmetal/black hardware sets we use on our tweed neckties are of a very high standard. The slider, cinch & buckle are custom designed - you will not find better quality hardware anywhereUnlike the cheaply made hardware you find on so many bowties, the sets we use are very solid & non-bending. Because of their highly polished finish, adjusting the tweed dickie bow to suit your neck size is a breeze.

First things first. Our adult sized wooden bow ties are adjustable between 15" - 21.5". We feel this covers the vast majority of customers. 

So, let's get down to it, how do you adjust the tweed necktie? Well it's very simple, & as mentioned earlier in the post it involves the use of the built in slider, cinch & buckle. But, if like most men you don't regularly put on & take off a bra... then 'slider' 'cinch' & 'buckle' may as well be a foreign language!

Let's help you with that gents, follow the step by step instructions below:

First things first - unless your a contortionist this is a heck of a lot easier to adjust you put on your bow tie!

Hold the bow tie out flat in front of you.

How to Make Smaller

Step 1:Hold slider with your left hand
Step 2: Separate the two lengths of the necktie with your right hand
Step 4: Pull on the top length with your right hand
Step 5:

Caitriona Leather
Caitriona Leather


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