Packing a Fiain order into gift box
December 09, 2019

Dara's Exciting Hand Model Career!


You might have expected us to start this blog post in the typical way.⁣

Perhaps mentioning the stunning polished concrete shaving range we developed right here in Galway & captured brilliantly by @p3b_photos

Or, you might have expected us to mention the 100% natural shaving soap handmade for us in the Burren, Co.Clare.⁣

Maybe you expected us to drone on about how the walnut wood grain was captured in the concrete.. how did we do that? Or the use of Connemara marble dust in our recipe which we source locally, why would we go to that length?⁣

It might be the luxury synthetic shaving knot that caught your eye, or the plastic free packaging. ⁣

BUT NO... The 𝐛𝐢𝐠 𝐧𝐞𝐰𝐬 is Dara’s secret life as a hand model! Nearly 25 years of hard graft installing floors transformed what was once office hands into vice grips, narly mits that have had too many knife cuts to count, toughened hands with knuckles that have walked across a thousand floors.. tucking, cutting, creasing, gluing, bending, folding. ⁣

Yes, a career that spans decades & now finds a new use in lovingly packing your Fiáin orders⁣:)