Tame Those Unruly Shirt Collars
January 01, 2019

Tame Those Unruly Shirt Collars

The shirt collar is without doubt the most important part of the shirt, and a good sign of a quality shirt is the inclusion of collar pockets on the underneath. You'll see how this works in the picture above. Cheap shirts will not have this additional aspect of tailoring, as it takes more time & material. 

Collar 'stays' or collar 'stiffeners' as they're sometimes called came into fashion in the early 1900's, with us patents lodged from as early as 1908 by Nettie Illoway. 

Early prototypes were made from wood & metal. Well, we've looked at the alternatives and you know what.. why fix something that's not broken? With our new Irish oak collar stays we're going old school, yes, back to basics. You could of course cut up an old credit card & make your own 'DIY' version, but that's just a little on the tacky side and besides they're still going to be quite flimsy.

We're going old school, yes, back to basics.

Want to keep those curled up collars straight and sharp, stick a pair of our unique oak collar stays in those collar pockets and you're sorted. 

The timber used in the manufacture of our collar stays is from sustainably sourced Irish grown oak (We even include a certificate of traceability). The oak is milled & sanded to 1.5mm thick. We then laser cut our stays, sand & wax until silky smooth & apply a discreet 'F' for the FIÁIN logo. 

It goes without saying that you remove these stays before washing your shirts, but thankfully they don't cost a whole lot if you do loose a pair down the back of the washing machine! 

If you'd like a monogram laser engraved on one side, drop me a line & i'll sort you out.