3 x punchy new fragrances!!!
April 04, 2021

3 x punchy new fragrances!!!

It's not unusual to find Caitríona in the lab these days. Donning the white coat means serious business is afoot.

She gingerly combines different elements until the perfect candle is born, a sublime combination of wax, fragrance, wick & vessel. The original three all went through this meticulous process.

Now we're working on three punchy new fragrance's, which will be added to the lineup soon, hopefully over the next few months. Supply chains have been sketchy, so much depends on raw goods being available. We'll let you know when they're ready.

The artwork is also getting an overhaul. Many of you have commented on how much you like the vintage apothecary look we currently have. It is fab, but in terms of graphic design, it can be tricky to incorporate that particular look throughout a product range as it grows. And if we've learnt anything on this rollercoaster-of-a-ride, it's not to remain attached to an idea if it doesn't make sense in the long run.

All will become clear in time. Thank you so much for following us on this exciting journey.