Wooster Wooden Bow Tie | Limited Edition No.1

  • The No.1 is a limited edition tweed for the Wooster bow tie. The wooster has been a favourite, & now it's available in this limited edition No.1, a fabulously grungy rust coloured tweed. Carefully crafted from sustainably harvested Irish oak and the very best Donegal tweed. A fabulous wooden bowtie made just for you. Each bow tie is presented in a luxurious gift box which also includes a tree certificate. The wood used in this Harrison version features a 45 degree micro bevel, has been oiled and buffed to a matt sheen finish to look extra natural (The colour and grain of each bowtie varies, and is in itself a guarantee that each piece is unique)
  • We personalise the back (right side) of each wooden bowtie by laser engraving the following details:

      • Unique serial number
      • Tree Reference number
      • Fiáin website url

    You can further personalise by having your first name and surname laser engraved on the back (left side).

  • The adult Wooster version has an adjustable tweed necktie with luxurious black satin lining, so it's very comfortable to wear. It can be adjusted from aprox 15" to 21.5" to suit a variety of adult neck sizes. The overall dimensions of the adult Wooster is aprox 4.53" x 1.77" (115mm wide x 45mm high)
  • We would hope this goes without saying, but just in case it's not obvious: A common sense approach should be taken in regard to caring for this unique bow tie! Do not dry clean this bow tie. Do not put this bow tie in a washing machine. Do not submerse in water. Do not use cleaning solutions that will mark or stain the fabric or wooden parts of this bow tie. Spot clean only with a clean cloth moistened with water. The wood can be refurbished if needed in the future (but contact us by email first for advice) This is a unique bow tie made from wood and fabric, if cared for and stored correctly will last & be cherished for many years to come.

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