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Quick-Draw Wooden Wallet | Brown

Quick-Draw Wooden Wallet | Brown

  • A Fiáin wooden card wallet is remarkably useful & simple. Two pieces of fully traceable Irish oak sandwiched together by a wraparound silicone band bearing the Fiáin logo. Push your credit cards up through the bottom slot with your thumb, pinch the bottom of wallet to fan cards and select your card of choice. You can even snap your folded bills under the band.. et voila! Each wooden wallet is presented in a luxurious gift box which also includes a tree certificate.
  • We personalise the inside of each wooden card wallet by laser engraving the following details:

    • Unique serial number
    • Tree Reference number

    You also have the option to personalise your wooden wallet by having your name laser engraved as you see in the picture.

  • The overall dimensions of the Fiáin wooden minimalist card wallet is aprox 0.45" thick x 3.54" wide x 2.24" high (11.5mm x 90mm x 57mm). These dimensions include the silicone band & the two pieces of oak, but obviously not any credit cards!

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crafted in Ireland using premium materials

We love creating quality lifestyle goods that match your lifestyle

We're very excited to launch our cufflink range

These are exceptionally well made stainless steel cufflinks. Custom made for us, stamped with the Fiáin logo. We've paired them with a fully traceable Irish oak centrepiece. View the collection here.

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