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Japanese Fish Hook Key Chain | Burnt Tan

  • The rugged construction of this Japanese style fish-hook key chain is a real head turner! Simply hook it on & off your leather belt or trouser loop with ease. The superior antique copper finish is unique, and combined with this burnt tan Italian leather strap is a perfect marriage of premium materials. It will transport your keys around with a bold new look. We hand hammer the copper rivets & finish the leather with a sleek edge paint. Your paying for real quality. 
  • The 26mm key-ring is made from solid iron rather than the cheap rings you would commonly find. The exceptional strength of solid iron also makes it just a little tougher to get your keys on to the ring initially. You may find a flat butter knife or something similar will help you to pry the ring open just enough to attach your keys. As leather is an organic material, care should be taken that it is not allowed to be cut by anything sharp that would then weaken the leather strap. Let the copper age gracefully, or occasionally use a brass cleaner to bring up that shine. 
  • The fish hook & 16mm o-ring are made from low-lead solid brass with an antique copper finish. The 26mm keyring is made from solid iron with an antique copper finish. The leather strap is vegetable tanned leather with a gloss finish.
  • A carabiner clip or standard hook just didn't do it for us! We wanted to design a key-chain that stood out from the pack, but had a hefty weight to it that would stand up to a bit of abuse. The Fiáin Japanese fish-hook key chain was born. 

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