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Tree Bark Store, Moycullen, Co.Galway.

by Dara Leather December 01, 2018 1 Comment

A hidden gem

Tree Bark Store is located in Moycullen, County Galway, Ireland. You'd be wrong in thinking it's just another 'coffee shop' that's popped up. It's one of those rare gems you come across that you just can't wait to pass through again, and by all accounts it's going to be around for a long time indeed. 

only adds to the charm & makes it more intimate

Run by the lovely Yvonne & Jeff. Open since the 18th of November 2018 only, but to be honest it feels like it's been established a lot longer than that. A little smaller than your typical chain coffee store, but that only adds to the charm & makes it more intimate. The long mahogany serving counter runs parallel to a line of apothecary style cupboards mounted to the wall (up cycled from the old post office if i'm not mistaken) The whole thing feels like it was plucked from an ole time continental coffee bar, but with a modern Irish twist.

Making a mean cup of fresh coffee is of course their speciality, all the coffee is sourced locally from seasonal roasters Calendar coffee in Barna, Co.Galway... how fortunate are we! 

More than a coffee shop

Tree Bark is more than just a good coffee spot, it's also a stunning space with a few cards up it's sleeve. Jeff is already a well known photographer in Galway, and Tree Bark Store facilitates Jeff & Yvonne's vision of combining three of their passions in one: Coffee + Retail + Photography. The separate studio space caters for professional head, model & product shots. Front of house features a retail space with a focus on Irish craft & design, it's well curated & sure to grow. 

of course we jumped at the opportunity 

I suppose that's where we entered the scene. Jeff & Yvonne approached us earlier in the year, as they were searching for a suitable location & asked if they could stock some of our collection in their retail space. Of course we jumped at the opportunity. We had decided to do some wholesale anyway, and this was just the right kind of place we were hoping to have our products displayed in. 

Character and vision

It takes vision and no small amount of nerve to open a store these days. We've become used to seeing cookie cutter stores and big retail chains dominate the high street & even the smaller villages, forcing communities to loose their uniqueness and all look the same.

a unique spot for Moycullen people

It's refreshing to see an entrepreneurial couple like Jeff & Yvonne step outside their comfort zone & create a unique spot for Moycullen people & beyond to enjoy.

Next time your in Moycullen be sure to stop by for a smooth expresso, some retail therapy, or if you're lucky.. a mugshot! 



Dara Leather
Dara Leather


1 Response

TreeBark Store
TreeBark Store

January 07, 2019

Thanks a million for the support Dara & Catriona, really appreciate the kind words!

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